Support The RNBT

Donations and legacies make a huge difference, which enable us to continue our crucial work amongst the needier beneficiaries. We are always grateful to receive a donation, no matter how small and are careful to spend our income wisely and effectively, and we always acknowledge each and every contribution.

Making a donation

We are always very grateful to receive any donations both from organisations and from members of the public, whatever the amount. Every donation is acknowledged, and your contribution goes towards supporting our beneficiaries who are in need or distress.

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Gift in Wills

Legacies are vital in enabling the RNBT to carry out its much needed work among the needy members of our beneficiaries. By remembering us in your Will, you can be assured that we will put your kind donation to very good use.

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Are you thinking about running a fundraising event or undertaking a personal challenge? We would be delighted if you could plan to fundraise for us, either as an individual or as a team.

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Would you like to help us? There are a variety of ways that you can help, such as helping support one of our events, or perhaps offering to help out at one of our care homes, so please get in touch, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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The RNBT has a small range of promotional items which are available for sale from our stall when we are at events across the country. Please contact us for further details or come and see us at an event.

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