The Royal Naval Benevolent Trust provides an exceptional standard of care for older people at our care home, Pembroke House.

Priority is given to those who have served as Warrant Officers or below in the Royal Navy or Royal Marines and their wives, husbands, widow(er) or civil partners. This includes service with the Royal Naval Reserves. Depending on availability of rooms, consideration may also be given to other applicants. Please contact us to enquire. Each applicant is assessed by a nurse so that we learn about the person and whether their care needs and preferences can be met by our Pembroke House team.


For the majority of our residents we provide a long-term home to live in. We do also provide care for a limited number of residents for short respite breaks. This could be an opportunity for somebody managing at home to be cared for and to enjoy the many activities on offer for a short period of time. It also enables those who provide care for others to know that their loved ones can be cared for while they themselves have a break.


Before an application to live at Pembroke House can progress it is necessary for funding arrangements to be in place. For applicants seeking long-term residence, there are generally three possible sources of funding:

  • Self-Funding
  • NHS Continuing Care Funding
  • Social Services Funding

We seek to provide the highest quality of care for residents, and aim to keep fees to an affordable level. We regularly compare our fees to similar Homes to ensure our fees remain in step with the sector, and review our fees in April each year. Our weekly fee rates are set according to the type of care required. The weekly fee rates for residents who are funding their own care from April 2021 are as follows.

Long Term Care
Residential £1,019
Nursing £1,110
Respite Care
Residential £1,070
Nursing £1,360

The Long Term Nursing fee rate does not include the ‘Funded Nursing Care’ Contribution which is received from the NHS in respect of qualifying individuals. Pembroke House receives this amount, which is currently paid at the rate of £187.60 per week for qualifying residents, as a further contribution towards the cost of the care which we provide.

For more Information

If you have any questions or would like to consider applying to live in Pembroke House please contact the home on 01634 852431 or email :

Sources of Funding


If an applicant has assets in excess of the threshold set by the Government (currently £23,250 including the value of any property) they will be regarded by Social Services as self-funding.

Social Services Funding

An applicant may be eligible for Social Services funding if the value of their assets are below the figure set by the Government (currently £23,250). In this case the applicant will need to apply to their local Social Services Department for an assessment of needs. Pembroke House will enter into negotiations with Social Services Departments in order to attempt to agree an appropriate level of funding.

NHS Continuing Care Funding

Some residents with significant nursing care needs may qualify for 100% NHS funding. If you would like to discuss how to apply for NHS Continuing Care Funding, please contact us.