Here are just a few examples of how RNBT has made significant improvements to people’s lives. These are real people who tell their story in their own words, which are powerful reminders of how we can and do make a difference.

Danny and Teresa's Story

About Danny and Teresa

Joining the Navy at 16, Danny served in the Royal Navy as a LMEM for many years before leaving the forces to become a mental health nurse where he met his wife, Teresa. At the age of 44, Teresa was diagnosed with breast cancer. Treatment required 3 months of recovery.

Danny and Teresa Pipe sitting sitting at their dining table.

How we helped Danny and Teresa

The RNBT was able help Teresa with associated costs for medical treatment and time off work for recovery. Shortly after, Danny became ill and required a liver transplant. The RNBT was able to help Danny and his family with travel costs and other support to receive the medical support he needed in London.

Sean and SherryAnn's Story

About Sean and SherryAnn

ET(ME) Sean Johns and his wife SherryAnn are from St Vincent. Sean joined the Royal Navy in 2019. SherryAnn stayed in St Vincent with their two children. SherryAnn collapsed with a suspected brain Aneurysm but surgery could not be carried out in St Vincent and she needed to be transferred to Barbados for treatment.

Sean and SherryAnn Johns sitting at dining table both in white t shirts mid conversation

How we helped Sean and SherryAnn

RNBT and other agencies helped towards the cost of the surgery, including flights and accommodation to support SherryAnn with her diagnosis, her surgery in 2020 and her recovery. The family are now all together in Gosport.

Steve's Story

About Steve

Steve is a former CPO who approached the RNBT for financial assistance after experiencing personal struggles with alcoholism that left him in financial difficulty and in need of support.

Steve Wemyss sitting by the sea in beige jacket

How we helped Steve

Steve proactively contacted the RNBT to support him in resolving his personal financial issues. The RNBT offered support and funding to help Steve in filing a Bankruptcy petition to clear his debts and make a fresh start.

Henry and Jade's Story

About Henry and Jade

Henry approached the RNBT to help him with the cost of a training course to help improve his job prospects after leaving the Navy and experiencing personal struggles with the breakdown of his marriage.

Henry and Jade Gunner sitting in sunny garden with white and red flowers to the garden wall

How we helped Henry and Jade

Henry was able to attend college for 1 day a week for 12 months. To enhance his loss on income for the course, the RNBT also provided the family with a Regular Charitable Payment. Henry is now happily married and enjoying his new job role in construction after qualifying from his course.

Fred's Story

About Fredrick Harris

Fred is a 98 year old WWII veteran. He served as a Petty Officer Air Engineer and was serving on HMS Indefatigable during the Arctic convoys. Fred approached the RNBT for assistance with a stair lift to get up the 5 steps to his park home.

Fred Harris sitting in armchair dressed in blazer with medals to breast

How we helped Fred

The RNBT were pleased to offer assistance to Fred and secure funding needed for his stair lift. He now continues to live independently in his home. It is an honour to serve our veteran community and individuals like Fred who have served our country.

Daniel and Lorraine's Story

About Daniel and Lorraine

WO Daniel Hamp is currently serving on HMS KENT, he is married to Lorraine and they have 3 young daughters, Ruby (12), Jasmine (9) and Violet (5). Jasmine requires 24 hour care for her disability.

Daniel and Lorraine Hamp

How we helped Daniel and Lorraine

Daniel and Lorraine approached the local council for a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) which took several years to be approved. This grant alone was not enough for the extensive house adaptations needed to accommodate Jasmine’s need into later life. With the help of the RNBT, Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children’s Fund and also The Royal British Legion, the three charities were able to facilitate with the extra funding required.

Leon Gray - Heckleby's Hounds Dog Walking Service

About Leon

Leon Gray is a former RN Service Policeman. Now living in Portsmouth.

veteran support stories with man kneeling in grass around dogs

How RNBT helped Leon

When work in the Netherlands broke down, Leon returned to Portsmouth. Having attended a Royal British Legion employment course they put him in touch with The Royal Naval Benevolent Trust. Leon was given a grant towards building up his dog walking business, Heckleby's Hounds. Leon bought much needed equipment and set up a website.

Daryl and Kirsty's Story

About Daryl and Kirsty

Daryl served in the Navy for 22 years as a Chef. When family circumstances changed they moved away from their local area to an unfurnished flat.

How we helped Daryl and Kirsty

Having moved into an unfurnished flat, Daryl and Kirsty contacted their local SSAFA branch who forwarded the case to RNBT. The Trust assisted them with carpets for the new home. Not only did RNBT help with carpets, the Beneficiary Support Co-ordinator, Phil Shuttleworth helped Kirsty purchase a new laptop which has helped her to re-train to become a qualified bookeeper. This is their story.

Roy's Story

About Roy

Roy suffered from severe post-traumatic stress disorder from his RN service, and had gone undiagnosed for 28 years. He was a ‘prisoner in his own home’ with very significant personal and financial challenges.

roy from rnbt

How we helped Roy

RNBT worked with other charities such as Combat Stress, SSAFA and VOS, resolved Roy’s immediate financial problems and set him on the road to recovery, helping him to get his life back together, which saved his marriage and his home. This is his heartfelt story...

James' Story

About James

James was a submariner who was a keen boxer and footballer, who was invalided out of the RN in 1966 after a bad sports injury. He needed help so that he could continue to live in his own home.

james from rnbt

How we helped James

RNBT provided a grant for a stair-lift and a complete walk-in shower room so that James could continue to live at home in comfort. RNBT made him ‘the happiest guy going’. This is his story...