Mental Health Awareness Week

14th May 2024

Meet the RNBT Beneficiary Support Co-ordinators (BSCs), Phil Shuttleworth and Chrissie Hughes.  

There may be lots of underlying issues which lead the RNBT beneficiaries to times of need and distress. By taking a more holistic approach to these issues Phil and Chrissie will spend some time on the phone discussing a resolution, offering guidance to other forms of assistance, and empowering the beneficiary to achieve resilience and sustain themselves moving forward. 

Good mental health is key to success.   

This year’s theme to MHAW 2024 is “Movement: Moving more for our mental health”. 

The BSCs regularly discuss how important movement is for our mental health.  So many of our beneficiaries find that a dog walk, a lap of their local park, kitchen dancing or some light chair exercise can make such a difference to their mood and equally their day. 

Equally, we encourage socialising regularly to avoid isolation.  The BSCs can help you find your local Armed Forces Veterans Breakfast Club (AFVBC), Royal Naval Association (RNA) or Royal Marines Association (RMA), Men’s Sheds, Association of Wrens (AOW).  All providing opportunity to meet likeminded folk.  

The engagement and mentoring also includes navigating beneficiaries to organisations that provide support for more complex mental health issues.  Locally in Portsmouth we have the Voluntary Outreach Support (VOS), nationally Combat Stress, and the NHS initiative Op Courage. 

This service enriches lives, provides continuing support and ensures a better outcome for those currently serving and former serving who apply to the Royal Naval Benevolent Trust for assistance.