RNBT and Pembroke House Day of Reflection

23rd March 2021

1 year on from the first national COVID-19 lockdown, HQ & PH staff and residents  reflect on a very unprecedented year.

To mark this day, PH staff and residents laid a bouquet of flowers and a plaque on the Path of Remembrance and observed a minute’s silence at 12pm.

Reflecting on this day Chief Executive, Rob Bosshardt expressed these words:

I would like to pay tribute to Tarnia Harrison and her staff on their amazing efforts.  There have been so many changes to the way business is conducted by all staff, and yet the care and support and sense of humour shared with our lovely residents has never wavered.  To keep the deadly virus at bay for so many months was a huge achievement, and we can look forward to the future with increased confidence.  The sad loss of four of our residents to the virus over the Christmas and New Year period was a cruel blow, and we remember them particularly today.

I would also like to pay tribute to the HQ staff who have adapted to the challenges of three lockdowns with ingenuity, skill and camaraderie and no little humour.  We have continued to focus on the delivery of benevolence to the RNBT Family, which has continuously and successfully been achieved.  I would also like to thank our volunteers of the Grant Committee who continue to give us their wisdom and experience and have maintained their role in deciding on particularly complex and high value grant awards.

Thank you all for your support.