In the complex modern world, there may be underlying issues which then lead to problems of ‘necessity or distress’. We recognise the need for a wider-ranging, or ‘holistic’, approach to supporting you, and we have established a post, the Beneficiary Support Co-ordinator (BSC), to help you to resolve these underlying issues.

How this works is that the BSC will make contact with you some time after the resolution of your immediate problem to see if we can help to point you in the right direction for other forms of assistance, advice or comradeship. We aim to empower you to achieve a better outcome and to become more resilient.

Wide range of options

We work with a wide range of other organisations to empower you to achieve a better quality of life. Examples are:

  • Voluntary Outreach Support (at the Royal Maritime Club)
  • Referral via Combat Stress
  • Comradeship from the Royal Naval Association or the Royal Marines Association
  • Resilience programmes
  • Financial advice from SAIL
  • Training and education opportunities

An evolving role – mentoring and ongoing support

The BSC’s role has evolved, and he now finds that mentoring and ongoing supports have become a major part of the engagement, as this is not a ‘fire and forget’ initiative. Many find great value in having a mentor who can help navigate and even cajole them into seeking a better life for the future. This service enriches lives whilst providing continuing support, attempting to negate isolation and empowering applicants to ensure a better outcome and become more resilient.