If you are serving you should consider contacting your local Royal Naval Family & People Support (RN FPS) first.

For applications for financial assistance which are likely to be under £700 you can apply by simply using our Online Financial Assistance Application Form.

The form is also available in both PDF and Word formats if preferred. Please email your completed form to rnbt@rnbt.org.uk.

If your application is likely to require assistance above £700 then we need a report from a caseworker. Please contact either SSAFA or The Royal British Legion (TRBL) to arrange for them to contact you. RNBT will then take action on their report. Here are the links to SSAFA and TRBL.


How the grants process works:

Step 1

You email a completed online Application Form. Alternatively, a qualified Caseworker from one of the organisations that work with the RNBT, (SSAFA, The Royal British Legion and the Royal Naval Family & People Support), will contact you and will then complete an Application for Assistance, setting out your personal and financial circumstances.

Step 2

The Caseworker will submit the Application for Assistance to the RNBT which will be vetted by our Grants Administrators who may liaise with other charities as part of the almonisation process. The majority of cases are decided upon by the Grants Administrators, but more complex or costly applications are passed to the Grants Committee for consideration.

Step 3

Each Grants Committee decision is approved by three Committee members, who are themselves serving or ex-serving RN ratings or RM other ranks. They met prior to the pandemic outbreak once a week to consider applications, applications are now considered by email in order to observe social distancing restrictions.

Criteria for the award of a grant

  • You are an eligible beneficiary
  • You are in financial need or distress
  • You need financial assistance from the RNBT to help you achieve a reasonable quality of life

Lost your job? Need Help with re-training for employment?

If you are considering your options for future employment, training, learning or wanting to diversify, RNBT and others have funding available to help you retrain to secure employment.

You need to find a suitable training course, and can then apply for funding. If the cost is under £700, simply complete our Online Financial Assistance Application Form.

Alternatively you can also complete the PDF version or Word version and email it to rnbt@rnbt.org.uk

If the cost of your course is likely to be over £700 you will need to contact your local SSAFA or TRBL and ask them to raise the necessary paperwork so it can be forwarded to us for consideration. You will need to provide details of the course and future employment if applicable.