Some people with very low incomes struggle to make ends meet. This scheme of regular payments, supported by a generous annual grant from Greenwich Hospital,  eases this problem by providing regular financial help to eligible people in greatest need.

Regular Charitable Payments (RCP)

Our Regular Charitable Payments are paid quarterly to assist some beneficiaries on very low incomes.  Although RCPs are modest in amount, they can make a real difference to the quality of life of those receiving them. We are able to provide funds for a fixed number of RCPs.  At the current rate the annual total is just under £1.5m.

Prospective RCP recipients are normally identified when a potential beneficiary applies for a Grant for a specific purpose. However an application specifically for a RCP may be considered and would be processed in the same way as an application for a general grant (normally through one of the casework organisations).

Application process and qualifying criteria

As with all our beneficiary applications and to ensure funds are reserved for those who are most in need, there is a qualifying criteria to be eligible for Regular Charitable Payments.

We understand that all needs are different and the importance of providing financial support to those who need it most.

As a charitable organisation, our motto has always been ‘Serve a day, supported for life’. Whether you are serving, in transition from the service or an RN/RM veteran or dependant , we will do all that we can to get support to those who need it.