How we help

We assist thousands of people in The RNBT Family who are in need. Our aim is to help them enjoy a reasonable quality of life mainly by providing wide ranging financial assistance. We also care for older people in our own Care Home and Almshouse.

Wide ranging financial help

We make grants to assist in a very wide variety of circumstances, such as help towards living expenses, house repairs, disability aids, job training, all sorts of financial difficulties, care home top-up fees, domiciliary care and much more. Every year we respond to just under three thousand applications with grants totalling about £1.3 million.

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Categories of need

For general guidance we list the areas in which we often give help: we call them Categories of Need and they are shown on this page.

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How to apply

If you are serving you should consider contacting your local RN or RM Welfare first. Or, contact your local branch of SSAFA or TRBL who will arrange for a caseworker to visit you to complete an application form.

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Need more help?

In the complex modern world, there may be underlying issues which then lead to problems of ‘necessity or distress’. We recognise the need for a wider-ranging, or ‘holistic’, approach to supporting you, and we have established a post, the Beneficiary Support Co-ordinator (BSC), to help you to resolve these underlying issues.

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Regular charitable payments

These payments provide members of The RNBT Family on very low incomes with a small but regular financial supplement of £33 per week for new awards. We currently fund about 950 RCPs totalling about £1m each year.

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Other charitable organisations

We give limited financial assistance via a few organisations that support members of The RNBT Family – for example hospices in Portsmouth and Plymouth; Not Forgotten Association; Revitalise; Veterans Outreach Support and others. This is a modest part of our budget.

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We have provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, which might be useful in the first instance. Remember, we are always happy to hear from you if you would prefer to talk to us personally.

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