The headquarters staff operates from Castaway House (Portsmouth), and deals with grants administration, finance, public relations and the day-to-day administration of the affairs of the Trust.

Some of Debbie’s earliest memories are associated with the navy. With a dad and friends who served, accepting the role of Chief Executive at the RNBT really is her dream job. Working for most of her career in health and social care, Debbie has significant experience working in senior leadership positions in the Charity sector. Debbie enjoys translating the stories shared by sailors, marines, their families, and our staff into practical help. Always looking to build on the services provided, so that when help is needed, the RNBT is always there. As a mother of 4, there isn’t a lot of spare time, but having the support of her family means everything to Debbie.

RNBT CEO Debbie Dollner smiling wearing suit and infinity necklace

Susan has joined the RNBT at a very exciting time; the Centenary year. She has had a varied and interesting career to date and has worked in the Private sector, for Local Government and more recently in the not for profit arena. She is a passionate finance professional who advocates that her role is not just about the numbers. She has never served in the Navy, but her Dad has and so she is familiar with some of the Jack Speak and knows not to be late for anything! In her spare time she cooks, keeps fit and looks after two teenage children and a chef husband.

susan team member

Phil Shuttleworth MBE is a former Royal Marine Warrant Officer who served for lots of years in the Corps. A previous Vice President of the Trust and has been involved in delivering benevolence as a Trustee and on the Grants team since 1999. As the Beneficiary Support Coordinator, Phil liaises with beneficiaries to fulfil the wider need of the individual.

Phil standing in garden dressed in black suit with striped tie and row of medals to the left side of jacket

Chrissie joined the WRNS as a Writer and left the RN 25 years later as a Master At Arms (Crusher!). For the next two years Chrissie was the Association of Wrens’ Assistant Secretary and latterly the Project Manager of Shipmates & Oppos, a Royal Naval Association programme helping Service leavers to make the transition to ‘Civvy Street’. As a Beneficiary Support Co-Ordinator, she continues to engage with the Naval Family. When not at work, she maintains strict discipline in the household by continuing to conduct Defaulters, with her Husband, Son and Border Collie making regular appearances.

Tracy is our Grant Administrator working alongside Sam. Tracy’s career started with 9 years in the WRNS/Royal Navy as a writer, she retrained and gained a BSc (Hons) and MSc to work in various clinical roles within the NHS. Tracy was a trustee for the RNBT for a short while before originally taking up the BSC2 post. With a former ‘bootneck’, ‘matelot’ and two MAAs in the office Tracy brings a touch of normality, and the average age down considerably! When not at work Tracy is either out and about with her daughters, at the gym, walking or baking.

tracy team member

A former Royal Navy Warrant Officer having served for over 32 years. Having previously worked for the Naval Families Federation, he joined the RNBT in March 2015. Sam is married to a former Wren and enjoys extensively traveling, cooking, sailing and keeping relatively fit.

Sam Allardyce

Lisa works alongside Sue, dealing with all the initial enquiries from Caseworkers and veterans and inputting vital information onto the Caseworker Management System (CMS). Her administration experience spans some 30 years. Lisa enjoys baking and playing tennis and more recently qualified as a Fitness Instructor.

lisa team member

Sue is one of the Administration Assistants and is the longest serving member of staff in Head Office. Sue deals with all the initial enquiries from Caseworkers and veterans and inputs vital information onto the Caseworker Management System (CMS). In her spare time she likes to play bowls, go for walks with her husband, read and watch TV.

sue team member

Corinne joined the Trust immediately after completing 23 years as a Petty Officer Writer in the Royal Navy. Her role at the Trust takes on many guises, from conducting RNBT briefs for service personnel and charitable organisations, to organising the Summer Events programme and Annual Presentations. Corinne is also responsible for the Trust’s social media sites. When not at work, Corinne spends most of her time running around after her daughter, husband and their 2 manic cockapoos.

corinne team member

Joining the team at the HQ in September 2020, Michele looks after facilities at Castaway House as well as working closely with our Trustees, supporting the Chief Executive and Finance Director with their various projects, liaising with The Charity Commission and generally being a help to the RNBT team. When not at work Michele enjoys cooking and has a secret addiction to Sci Fi Movies. (no secret now !)

michele team member

A former Royal Navy Master at Arms, Simon served for 25 years. On leaving the Navy Simon worked in Supported Housing for many years before joining the team at RNBT in May 2022. When not at work, Simon enjoys sailing and paddle boarding when the weather gives good tides and fair winds.

Simon team member

Stacey looks after all of the finance processes across the 3 locations HQ, Pembroke House and Admiral Jellicoe House, from invoices to bank statements and much more in between. When not working she enjoys baking and camping in her micro camper 'Beryl'.

Stacey team member

Niki works alongside Stacey in Finance and also supports the Finance Director. Niki provides HR support at both head office, Pembroke House and Admiral Jellicoe House. When not at work Niki enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 teenage children and going on holiday.

Niki standing by grey patterned wall wearing floral pink and green dress

Stacy (without an e) is our part time finance administrator. Currently Stacy assists Stacey (with an e) with processing invoices and payments. Stacy is originally from South Africa but decided to settle in the UK after coming here to see her Royal Navy Captain Grandfather’s birthplace and then meeting the man of her dreams in Portsmouth. Stacy loves reading, walking and travelling and is always searching for new and interesting places to visit.

Stacy Perkins

Joining the Finance team in June 2024, Louise is the assistant to Stacey and is taking on a mix of admin and Payroll duties for the 3 locations HQ, Pembrooke House and Admiral Jellicoe House. In her spare time she enjoys reading, spending time with her partner and always has an art/crafts project on the go. New trend: Crochet!