Key facts

The RNBT was established under Royal Charter in 1922 to help those who are serving or have served as Warrant Officers and below in the Royal Navy & Royal Marines, and their dependants, who find themselves in need or distress. The Trust’s beneficiaries are known as The RNBT Family. The RNBT provides advice on a wide range of welfare issues fielding hundreds of enquires every year.

Last year we helped in 2,645 cases.
The RNBT makes grants to meet a wide range of personal needs including food, clothing, rent, home repairs, medical needs, respite breaks, mobility aids and much more.

Pembroke House
The RNBT runs its own 55 bed care home, Pembroke House in Gillingham, Kent. It is the only one of its kind in the world that caters specifically for The RNBT Family.

John Cornwell VC
National Memorial

This six-unit alms-house in Hornchurch, Essex is also run by the RNBT.

Hundreds of enquiries
The RNBT provides advice on a wide range of welfare issues every year.

58% of grants
made were to beneficiaries aged under 60.

158 grants
totalling £77,628

were made to War Pensioners.

Assistance provided in enabling mobility and hence independent living:

46 grants
totalling £32,976

were made for riser/recliner chairs.

95 grants
totalling £77,471

were made for Electrically Propelled Vehicles.

30 grants
totalling £21,894

were made for stair-lifts.

37 grants for legal expenses
A total of 37 grants were made, mainly associated with bankruptcy.

£145,262 for medical cases
We gave grants in 192 cases, the largest slice of expenditure being for medical equipment.

£138,485 in grants to serving personnel
The total of grants given to 156 serving personnel and their dependants.

£68,303 for Falkland Veterans
89 Falkland Veterans and their dependants received grants totalling £68,303.

Operating worldwide
Members of The RNBT Family living in the following countries received assistance from the Trust in the financial year 2017/18: France Germany Thailand Canada Malta Australia Spain New Zealand South Africa Zimbabwe Ireland Cyprus USA Croatia Turkey

Applications for assistance
75% of applications for assistance made were through SSAFA and 19% from the Royal British Legion, with the remainder through the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Welfare and the Royal Commonwealth Ex‑Services League.

Regular Charitable Payments of £985,725
We spent £985,725 assisting 837 people with Regular Charitable Payments (RCPs) in 2017/18. Greenwich Hospital provided funding of £939,684 for RCPs.

Thank you Greenwich Hospital!

£30,000 from the Barclays AFTER* Fund
Barclays contributed £30,000 towards training/education costs last year (out of a total of £62,538.) More than 50% of those trained or educated have found employment for over six months post-training.

Thank you Barclays!

*Armed Forces Transition, Employment & Resettlement

50 ‘Christmas Boxes’
Fifty Portsmouth-based beneficiaries received a ‘Christmas Box’ through money donated by the Montague Neville Durnford and Saint Leo Cawthan Memorial Trust, operated as a restricted fund by the Hampshire and IOW Community Foundation.

36 regular donors
There are 36 regular donors to the Trust by Direct Debit, with two new donors in the financial year 2017/18.

More always welcome!

£146,197 in
legacy income

The total received in legacies last year was £146,197.

Please remember the RNBT in YOUR will!

£341,463 in donations
The RNBT received donations totalling £341,463 last year.

More always welcome!!

Castaway House – naval benevolence hub
Our headquarters can rightly be considered to be the ‘Home’ of the RN Charity world, with seven organisations operating here.

Co-location means swift and cost‑effective help can be provided to beneficiaries with eligibility that spans different charities.

Co-location also means common services and support can be shared resulting in the ever more cost‑effective delivery of charitable benefit.

500 thank you letters
The Trust receives about 500 ‘thank-you’ letters from beneficiaries every year.

Members of The RNBT Family visit the RNBT stand at weekend and other events to say “thank you” for our help. Similarly, visitors to the RNBT at Castaway and Pembroke Houses leave with comments like: