We obtain funding from several sources, but the two main income streams are block grants from Naval fundraising charities and drawing down income from our long-term investments.

Major grants from organisations

Several Naval charities have been substantial long-term sponsors:

Donations from other organisations and individuals

Other organisations provide support for specific purposes on a case-by-case basis. It is very gratifying that our good works are recognised by organisations and individuals who provide us with valuable resources. We recognise with grateful thanks all such organisations and donors in the List of Donors in our Annual Report.


Legacies left by those who remember the RNBT in their wills are another valued source of income. We recognise with grateful thanks all such legacies in our Annual Report.

Care Home and Almshouse

Income from our Care Home fees and Almshouse maintenance charge is used to finance their respective operations.


The RNBT is registered with the Fundraising Regulator, and abides by the Fundraising Promise. Our Fundraising Complaints Policy is available on request. Although a limited number of fundraising events are held, the RNBT is currently not a substantial fundraising charity, but may actively seek funds for significant capital projects as the need arises.