About us

RNBT provides financial assistance and support to Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel and their families in times of need.

Who we help

RNBT is a Royal Navy & Royal Marine charity that gives help, in cases of need, to serving and former Royal Naval ratings and Royal Marines other ranks; they are known as Primary Beneficiaries. We also help their partners, children and some others connected with them.

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How we raise funds

We obtain funding from several sources, but the main income comes from support from other charitable organisations, donation by individuals, income from legacies and from investments.

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Our organisation

The majority of our trustees and other volunteer members are serving and ex-serving RN ratings and RM other ranks. This principle dates back to 1916 when the Grand Fleet Fund, the forerunner of the RNBT, was founded by Admiral Lord Jellicoe.

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Key facts

Here is an easily understood summary of some of the key facts and figures from the Trust’s activities last year.

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This page gives you access to larger documents, such as our Royal Charter, our Annual Review and our Annual Report and Accounts.

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Useful links

We hope that the various websites included may be of help or interest. The links made available on this website are included for your information and convenience.

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