Our stories

Here are just a few examples of how RNBT has made significant improvements to people’s lives. These are real people who tell their story in their own words, which are powerful reminders of how we can and do make a difference.

Roy's Story

About Roy

Roy suffered from severe post-traumatic stress disorder from his RN service, and had gone undiagnosed for 28 years. He was a ‘prisoner in his own home’ with very significant personal and financial challenges.

How we helped Roy

RNBT worked with other charities such as Combat Stress, SSAFA and VOS, resolved Roy’s immediate financial problems and set him on the road to recovery, helping him to get his life back together, which saved his marriage and his home. This is his heartfelt story...

James' Story

About James

James was a submariner who was a keen boxer and footballer, who was invalided out of the RN in 1966 after a bad sports injury. He needed help so that he could continue to live in his own home.

How we helped James

RNBT provided a grant for a stair-lift and a complete walk-in shower room so that James could continue to live at home in comfort. RNBT made him ‘the happiest guy going’. This is his story...