Castaway House welcomes visit by Deputy Mayor of Fareham

31st January 2018

Councillor Susan Bayford, her husband Brian and colleagues Cllrs Leslie and Christine Keeble visited Castaway House to learn about the work of RNBT and that of the other naval charities within the building.

It was a pleasure to welcome the Deputy Mayor of Faraham, Susan Bayford at Castaway House.  Susan was accompanied by her husband Brian and Councillors Christine and Leslie Keeble.  It was the first time Susan had visited Castaway House.  During the visit the guests met with the heads of 4 of the naval charities who also reside at Castaway House, The Womens Royal Naval Service Benevolent Trust, Aggie’s, The Naval and Military Bible Society and the Royal Navy & Royal Marines Children’s Fund.  Also part of Castaway House are Seafarers UK, RFEA The Forces Employment Charity and Nautilus.

Susan was enlightened by the visit and was extremely impressed with how the charities work together to achieve the best outcome for the beneficiary.