Pembroke House Garden Party

25th July 2014
GP web.jpg

My goodness what a week its been of events in the RNBT and Pembroke House (PH) calendar. Let me start with the PH Garden Party, well the sun beamed down on what became a very hot marquee in the grounds, where relatives, staff, friends and VIPs gathered for a wonderful ‘Afternoon Tea’ style garden party. The tables were decorated with handmade flower arrangements from Lesley, a raffle with amazing prizes (All free thanks to Nectar!) organised by Kelly and of course the whole event itself choreographed by Jo, Harriet, Hazel and the staff at PH. Our thanks to the students at Victory Sqdn HMS COLLINGWOOD and also a special thanks to Katie’s Catering. The event came to a close with a ceremonial sunset by Victory Squardon.