Victory Squadron Cake Competition

17th June 2014

Stop Press! Stop Press! Corinne Day the Events and Publicity Officer for RNBT has won a prize for her cake prowess !!! Victory Squadron colleagues Tracy Wilson, Chris Miles, Emma Grant and ‘Pixie’ put on another fantastic Cake Bake at HMS COLLINGWOOD.  Many cakes were on display and prizes were awarded to Best Looking, well done again Alison Chatwood with her magnificent Malteaser Cake, Best Tasting went to Tracy Wilson and Chip Miles for their delicious Flap Jacks and……wait for it! Best Shop bought went to, yes you’ve guessed it, RNBT’s very own Corinne Day, well you didn’t think she’s MADE a cake did you! A massive thank you to Captain Dainton, Cdr Rimmer, Jack Wilde and Cdr Stowell for judging the event and also to Tracy, Emma, Chris and Pixie. £227 was raised on the day with a donation from the Chaplaincy for £200 for the ‘Bacon Butties’.