The perfect recipe for pancakes at HMS COLLINGWOOD

12th March 2014
VS Pancake day.jpg

Sailors from HMS COLLINGWOOD sprinkled goodwill on their pancakes on Shrove Tuesday by putting their hands in their pockets to support the Royal Naval Benevolent Trust (RNBT).

Chief Petty Officer Chip Miles from the Mattapan Section, Victory Squadron (VS) came up with the concept during adventure training when he realised he would be shore side to celebrate Pancake Day.  “During my twelve years within the Navy, I’ve never eaten pancakes on pancake day!  It is small events like these that we normally miss out on whilst at sea.  It’s always a pleasure to raise money for the RNBT; they do a great job supporting the Royal Naval Family.  Its always easier when foods’ involved too!“

With the help of Leading Hand Tracy Wilson, Chip invited phase two trainees to donate a £1 before spreading their pancakes with the more traditional toppings of chocolate spread, maple syrup, lemon and sugar.  The spirit of the occasion lasted all afternoon and thanks to Able Rate Harry Parker and Able Rate Ross Naden who went around all the accommodation blocks, VS managed to raise £120 for the RNBT