RNBT Administration Manager Lyn Gannon becomes one of the new TRiM Practitioners

7th March 2014
TRiM cert.jpg

TRiM for veterans (T4V) provides a new tier of assistance to the RM Veteran community. The project is backed by the Operational Stress Management (OSM) Cell of the Naval Command HQ based in Portsmouth and the Royal Marines Assosciation (RMA) and Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund (RMCTF).  The project will be run initially as a pilot scheme for a duration of 30 months and will support Royal Marine Veterans.  If the pilot scheme is successful the scheme will be expanded to include veteran colleagues from the Royal Navy.

T4V practitioners are trained to deal with a wide range of physiological support issues, interviewing skills and case work (they are not trained as therapists or counsellors).  Their role is to act as the initial responders to the troubled veteran, their task is to Engage – Befriend – Signpost.

How will it work? On completion of their service all leavers who have been engaged on operations during their tenture in the Royal Marines will receive a TRiM leaving interview by their Unit TRiM Manger to discuss any unresolved issues as a result of operational exposure, advice on mental health assistance and an opportunity to engage with their T4V Practitioner. for further information see www.trim4veterans.org