Creative Cake Baker Conquers HMS COLLINGWOOD Cake Bake (again)

7th February 2014
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A massive well done to Tracy Wilson and her assisting team from Victory Squadron, HMS COLLINGWOOD in superbly organizing another Cake Bake held in the Chaplaincy in aid of RNBT. What a turn out of cakes from excellently decorated homemade cakes to even shop bought ‘One Direction’ ones. A large audience gathered in the Chaplaincy, also attracted by the ‘Bacon Sarnies’ standeasy routine, to witness the judging.  Congratulations to Alison Chatwood whose standard for “its a hobby” cakes is outstanding clinching 1st place again.  Alison, when speaking to Corinne Day (RNBT EPO) said “I’m still training I’ve only been cake baking and decorating a few months”, well Alison’s standard is amazing. Emma Grant took the prize for ‘Best Bought’ and Rachel Conway, COLLINGWOOD’s very own PRO took the prize for ‘Best Tasting’ much to her shock and amazement.  Once the rush had lulled, Tracy and Corinne personally delivered trays of cakes to the SARC, Wardroom, Senior Rates’ Mess and Atlantic Building raising further donations, in total £373.74 was raised for RNBT. Thank you to Tracy, Kirsty, AB’s Rawson, Duffy and Armstrong and all those who took part for such a succesful event.