You can teach an old (sea) dog new tricks

28th January 2014
John T viewing FB 2.jpg

Former RNBT Vice President, Chairman of the RNBT Grant Committee before that and currently Vice Patron of the Trust, John Thompson MBE BEM (a Chief Petty Officer with the Fleet Air Arm in a former life) was also until recently a trustee of Seafarers UK and is currently a trustee of the RNRMC, indeed he was asked to join in 2007 when the RNRMC was set-up.  Quite a record of charitable activity that can be traced back nearly 30 years!  John has seen some changes in technology over the years but none more so than the introduction of social media sites.  Viewing the RNBT Facebook page for the first time, John has promised to ‘like’ our page with the help of his grandchildren of course!