Commanding Officer of HMS COLLINGWOOD visits Pembroke House

23rd January 2014

Staff and residents of Pembroke House were privileged to host the Commanding Officer of HMS COLLINGWOOD and members of his establishment, to the care home in Gillingham.  After a much needed refreshment the guests were introduced to some of the members of staff and taken on a tour of the facilities and activities on offer at Pembroke House.  Whilst walking around, WO Rowlinson commented on how happy residents are and very keen to stop and have a chat with visitors.  The guests from COLLINGWOOD met various residents especially Bill Vowden, an artist who impressed the visitors immensely with his paintings of animals, landscapes and submarines. Captain Dainton even suggested commissioning Bill to paint him a picture.  The guests also had an opportunity to sample the homemade cuisine during lunch.  The visit continues to cement the support HMS COLLINGWOOD and Victory Squadron has with RNBT.  Victory Squadron has dedicated Pembroke House as their affiliated charity, with staff and students lending their support at the Summer Garden Party each year.