Move over Mary Berry

8th November 2013
Mo-staucheless Judge Cliff Williams and the three winner (left to right) Warrant Officer 2 George Boardman, Warrant Officer 1 Royal Marines Cliff Williams, Chief Petty Officer Jeanette Burgoyne and Alison Couchman.

The event may have been inspired by the popular television programme, but the sentiment behind the idea was inspirational.  Leading Seaman (Communication Information Specialist) Tracy Wilson, Divisional Leading Hand at Victory Squadron has been supported by the RNBT in the past and wanted to show her appreciation for the work the organisation does to support serving personnel and their families.  

Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry weren’t able to attend the ‘Bake Off’ so it was left to Captain Steve Dainton, Commanding Officer of HMS COLLINGWOOD to open the event and judge the entries.  After a few short words the Captain and his judging panel sampled the 25 delights entered.  Fierce competition saw prizes awarded for the Best Looking, Best Tasting and Best Shop Bought, with prizes awarded to Interserve Employee Alison Couchman, Staff Executive Assistant, Warrant Officer 2 George Boardman and Chief Petty Officer Jeanette Burgoyne respectively.  Also in attendance was Lyn Gannon from RNBT who said “I’m thrilled at the support shown here today, I just wish I was as good at making the cakes as I am at eating them.”

Remarking on a busy and successful event Tracy said “Its been fantastic and very tense, I’m excited to raise a lot of money for an organisation that’s helped me out.”  Winner of the best looking cake, made by Alison Couchman encompassed a signature hand made ‘Jack’ Sailor and semaphore flags spelling out RNBT.  The intricate and impressive cake then went on to be raffled and raised £65.  Alison commented on her winning entry “I don’t know what to say, I can’t quite believe it. I love making cakes and for this to have raised so much money all I can say is I’m chuffed.” In addition, Warrant Officer 1, Royal Marines Cliff Williams shaved off his trademark moustache in support of the RNBT.  In total an amazing £425 was raised on the day for RNBT.