Trustee under training

20th August 2013
Trustee under training

Rear Admiral Jonathon Woodcock OBE, The Naval Secretary was there to take the salute from the field gun crews, but found time to pop into the RNBT marquee to assist in spreading the word about the RNBT’s work in helping both Sailors and Marines who are serving or have served as Warrant Officers and below, and their families, who find themselves in need or distress.

Admiral Woodcock has a special interest in the Navy’s people in both his professional life and as one of the RNBT’s longer serving trustees.

Mrs Brenda Ryan, also a trustee, encouraged the Admiral to get involved with the public in promoting the RNBT’s profile, including a scene that could have come from “The Apprentice” that involved him selling RNBT goods to passers-by. Brenda commented very favourably on Admiral Woodcock’s efforts encouraging him to join the team for other events!