I would run 500 miles …for RNBT

20th August 2013
I would run 500 miles ...for RNBT

Richard said “As a divisional officer, I recognise the importance of taking proper care of the men and women in my charge, especially when deployed. If people know their loved ones at home are receiving support when they need it they will give their best at all times.”

“I have had cause to call upon the RNBT to assist members of my department on a number of occasions and witnessed the immediate difference that this charity made in people’s lives so I decided to raise some money to help the RNBT do what they do so very well.”

So he duly ran and ran! His eleventh run was started by Commander Stephen Farrington (Chief Executive RNBT) at Castaway House and Richard finished back where he started some 33 miles later (a training run for a 100 miler later in the year!), very happy to have raised in excess of £500 for the RNBT so far.

He was accompanied by colleagues on various stages of the run and was welcomed back to Castaway House by members of staff.

Lyn Gannon, one of the RNBT’s management team, said “I have so much admiration for Richard – 33 miles in this baking heat and he still looks fresh as a daisy – he really has earned a cold beer or two!”