How to apply

If you are serving you should consider contacting your local RN or RM Welfare first. Or, contact your local branch of SSAFA or TRBL who will arrange for a caseworker to visit you to complete an application form.


How the grants process works:

Step 1

A qualified Caseworker from one of the organisations that work with the RNBT, for example SSAFA, The Royal British Legion and the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Welfare, will visit you at home and complete an Application for Assistance, setting out your personal and financial circumstances.

Step 2

The Caseworker will submit the Application for Assistance to the RNBT which will be vetted by our Grants Administrators who may liaise with other charities as part of the almonisation process. The majority of cases are decided upon by the Grants Administrators, but more complex or costly applications are passed to the Grants Committee for consideration.

Step 3

Each decision is approved by three RNBT Grants Committee members, who are themselves serving or ex-serving RN ratings or RM other ranks. They meet once a week to consider applications.

Criteria for the award of a grant

  • You are a member of The RNBT Family
  • You are in financial need or distress
  • You need financial assistance from the RNBT to help you achieve a reasonable quality of life

Coronavirus – Crisis and Urgent Cases for Support

Yours is a ‘Crisis case’ if

  • You are unable to feed yourself or you are unable to clothe yourself
  • You could be made homeless if immediate support not provided

Yours is an ‘Urgent case’ if

  • You need an intervention, payment or decision within 24 to 48 hours. If this doesn’t happen you would become a ‘crisis’ case (i.e. unable to feed yourself, clothe yourself or could be made homeless).

What to do

If you are a ‘crisis’ or an ‘urgent’ case call RNBT on 07951736919 or 07399016949 between 0800 and 1600 or email rnbt@rnbt.org.uk and mark your email ‘crisis case’ or ‘urgent case’. You will be answered by one of the Grants Team who will take down your details and address your issues.

Please be ready to:

  • Prove that you or your spouse or partner served in the Royal Navy or Royal Marines (Service Number plus some details of service)
  • Provide your bank account details for urgent payments (name of account; sort code; account number – details are on your bank debit card)